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Expanding a business can be challenging while balancing the reporting and accounting standards.
BPro can help you to accelerate your financial operations

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Powerful and Systematically designed Business Payroll Solution To Meet Your Needs!

We exist because having a dependable, straightforward, accurate, and reasonable payroll solution is essential in the complex business climate of today. You'll discover that we are incredibly adaptable, with a focus on providing polite and individualised service.

Payroll processing can be challenging for companies with large workforces. Bpro offers payroll outsourcing services because we are aware of the difficulties in processing payroll, the significance of paying employees on time, and the necessity of giving payroll managers all the information they need. All-in-ALL, we provide salary calculations, salary transfer request creation, tax-deductibility calculations, and much more in budget-friendly plans.

Outsource BPro’s Corporate Payroll Services

Advisory Service
Remain ahead of competitors and make your ground firm. Our end-to-end Advisory services will closely review your payroll operations, compliance, and use of technologies, before providing recommendations to make bring innovation into your processes.
Payroll Management
Make payroll management services hassle-free with BPro. Our services include assessing employees' performance for giving bonuses, covering absents and covering in your team, calculating income taxes, and providing accurate insights regarding adding or deducting salaries.
Employee Management
Save time by automating employee management systems instead of doing manually. BPro offers more intelligent financial services that enable you to pay back salaries to employees, prepare or modify salaries, add to or subtract from a month's payroll, print pay slips, track attendance, and much more.
Social Security Registration and Compliance
Ensure greater accuracy in data calculations and get accurate calculations using new payroll technologies. BPro's services, which are adapted to your organization's requirements, take care of keeping up with complicated tax legislation, social security registrations, and simple monthly filing.
EOBI registration, filing and compliance
Process business payrolls faster than you ever imagine. Our customized payroll services are tailored to meet your business needs, helping to get EOB registration, ensure you comply with all local regulations and minimize the burden on your staff.
Registration and Compliance
Stay compliant and overcome the risk of local sanctions. The team at Bpro are way ahead of regulations. This means we can help you in meeting local/international compliance requirements as well as register you with designated government departments.